Divorce. Ex wife. Step mom. Bio mom. Blended family. Bitter ex. Kids rights. Kids come first. Let go. Move on. Marriage. Remarriage. Co parenting

Ex wife. Bitter ex. Kids rights. Kids come first. Move on. Co parenting

LOL. Crazy ex wife.  Don't trash talk your ex to the world while still using his last name...you look like an idiot.

Who is using his filthy last name ? You are kidding right ? 3 years ago if I recall correctly - the minute of the bust I became Loren Jayne Curtis - deluded lying dope . Just pay for a divorce and we wont have an issue - clown

it actually makes me feel better knowing other people have had to go through the same crazy ex-wife drama bullshit as me

Rottenecards - You silly Ex Wife. Your divorce really isn't my fault. Your marriage was fucked up way before me. But, since it makes you feel better you can continue to blame me for it anyway!

Being the bitter, jealous, controlling, crazy ex-wife is out, sweetie. Try being a loving mother to your children instead.

It's called shampoo and water. You can try and use it sometime instead of finding 100 ways to make dirty hair look nice.

Dealing with a High Conflict Ex-Wife In 5 Easy Steps: A Guide for Stepmoms | KindredBond

When the ex-wife is high conflict, stepmoms can face many challenges. This article is a guide for any stepmom who wishes to reduce the conflict in her life.

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Haha I never could muster up enough energy to get to hate. The most I can feel is pity. I feel so bad for her.

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I feel so bad for my stepson. Failing in school because his mom is too busy raising her other 2 kids. That's a shame. His mother is such a lying deadbeat of a mother! Oh then she claims to be a Christian. GO KICK ROCKS YOU LAZY DUMB FUCK!