Earth on Turtle's Back Native American Creation Myth- great for back to school!

Native american myth: earth on turtle's back craftivity and printables

Common Elements in Creation Myths -- This site is organized by themes and hyperlinked to show patterns among myths of different cultures.

the Great Spirit created their homeland by placing earth on the back of a giant turtle. This is why some contemporary Native Americans refer to North America as "Turtle Island.

Egyptian Creation Myth: Heliopolis Version

Egyptian Creation Myth: Heliopolis Version

THE EGYPTIAN CREATION MYTH - YouTube. See for other creation myth videos.

The Egyptian story of creation from the Big Myth collection. See all 25 of creation stories from different parts of the world in English, German and Dutch on.

In this activity, students search for three different Native American creation myths from different regions around the United States, read them, and fill out a Compare/Contrast graph. They identify the Setting, Purpose, Characters, Conflict, and Resolution for each myth and write them in the spaces provided. Next, they have the opportunity to write their own Creation Myth using this helpful guide.

Native American Creation Myth Compare/Contrast Graph & Creative Writing Activity

Creation Myth Short Unit, Lecture Notes,... by William Woodrum | Teachers Pay Teachers

Creation Myth Short Unit, Lecture Notes, Myths, Writing Act.

Popol Vuh - The Maya Creation Myth - part 4 of 7 - YouTube

Popol Vuh - The Maya Creation Myth - part 4 of 7

Mayan Creation Myth by on @deviantART  Las historias prehispanicas siempre han sido de mi agrado, y la historia de la creación Maya no podia faltar, siendo esta una de las más destacables de la cultura de nuestros ancestros los Mayas, curiosamente contada con unos simples y adorables dibujos. Digno de verse :)

My interpretation of the Mayan Creation Myth in a tapestry comic format.

The Ojibway Creation Story- Similar to Earth on Turtle's Back (Canadian Tale- Ontario), about the formation of North America

As part of Ningwakwe Learning Press' book "Fire and Water: Ojibway Teachings and Today's Duties", the Creation Story is shared.

THE BIG MYTH - website and iPad app with short animated origin stories.  You have to pay $4 to see all the movies on the app

THE BIG MYTH - an animated study of world creation myths; includes PDFs of the creation story, pantheon of gods, and research questions for each culture.