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19 best heirloom plants

Green Nutmeg Melon! Fingers crossed we shall see if these grow this year in my garden!

How to Grow Cantaloupe in a Container Garden

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Pretty much any variety of cantaloupe can be grown in a container, and you can either let the vines spill over the sides or use a support.

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how to grow cantaloupes - sprout seeds in wet paper towels before planting

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19 best heirloom plants

19 best heirloom plants | ‘Freckles’ lettuce | ‘Freckles’ lettuce The red speckles turn darker and darker as temperatures drop and sunlight increases.

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19 best heirloom plants

Lemon cucumber: Eat it like an apple or use it to garnish cold drinks. It’s crisp and refreshing, without any bitterness.

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“The Nutmeg Melon has long been in cultivation, and is almost everywhere to be found in the vegetable garden…When…the fruit is perfectly ripe, it is of most delicious excellence and deservedly ranked as ‘one of the best’.” Plant 3-5 seeds in well-prepared mounds, or hills, in a sunny location after the last spring frost. 83 days to maturity.

Plant a cool-season vegetable garden

Romanesco broccoli: The multipointed chartreuse heads of 'Veronica' have a texture and flavor similar to mild, nutty cauliflower.

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Red Giant Mustard, Brassica juncea -

19 best heirloom plants

19 best heirloom plants | ‘Pink Accordion’ tomato | We planted some heirloom tomatoes. i hope that they look this good!

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