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As cavidades são um tipo de cárie dentária que ocorrem quando específicas bactérias produzem ácido que destroem o esmalte do dente, bem como a camada subjacente, a dentina. Muitas pessoas acreditam que uma vez que a cárie dentária aparece, é impossível revertê-la, mas a verdade é que existem várias maneiras de reverter naturalmente as cáries [...]

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Por que deveríamos tomar água com limão todas as manhãs

Limão previne o mau hálito - Graças as suas características antissépticas, tomar água com limão todas as manhãs pode ajudar a evitar o mau hálito ou halitose. É muito importante que a água não contenha açúcar, já que do contrário pode ocasionar a aparição de outros problemas como as cáries.


Is tooth decay and cavities the same thing? Tooth decay is not the same as a cavity — but tooth decay can lead to the formation of a cavity. Tooth decay (also known as dental caries) originates with plaque, the sticky, bacteria-laden film that collects on your teeth between brushing.

AristoSeal F Fissure Sealant 2 x 2ml Syringes & Tips A White, light-cured fissure sealant with fluoride Fissures should be sealed as soon as the eruption of the tooth allows treatment, and a dry work field can be secured. In case of suspected caries or demineralization, extend fissure with a fine diamond bur first, then complete the fissure sealant.

Cure Naturally Tooth Cavities - Incredible Recipe Tooth decay, technically referred to as dental caries, is where your tooth is at a state or process of rotting. This is more commonly known to most people as cavities. Anyone with a tooth is susceptible to tooth decay, but there are measures you can take to prevent and naturally cure tooth decay.

Bakul or Bakula (mimusops elengi) is an Ayurvedic herb that is mostly used for curing and treating dental problems. According to Ayurveda, bakula is considered as Danta Dadharyakara as it makes your teeth stronger than before. It is also good for leucoderma-like conditions, dental caries, acts as cardiac rejuvenator and also corrects urinary tract infections. Boil the bakula leaves in water to get an excellent "natural" and home-made mouthwash that can prevent bad or foul breath!


Discover ways and natural therapies that can take away the pain of teeth. Caries, pain, your gums are irritated .Dentist “green” will cure your mouth with the help of nature. Natural products have the same effect as antibiotics: and above all has not side effect. Mixture you should use for caries damage is made with heavy metals, zinc, silver, etc., which can be ‘harmful to the organism. - See more at:

Learn how to prevent cavities to ensure the highest level of dental and overall health || As periodontal disease increase with age, adult caries can too. This is because the root surfaces of teeth become more exposed with receding gums as periodontal disease progresses, making the teeth vulnerable to decay. Since oral health is linked to overall health (heart disease, diabetes, COPD, arthritis, prostatitis, osteoporosis, and some cancers) keeping your teeth clean affects your whole body.