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if i played soccer. and had a boyfriend. who played soccer. :) the only reason id date a soccer player.was if he was taller then me and i could stand on the soccer ball and we'd be the same height.

Cute soccer couple

She froze up when he asked her to talk dirty, but what she did NEXT was AMAZING .

Cute Soccer Couple Quotes

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I wish this will be me and Joe by the end of the year since we both play soccer and we both like each other but we're too scared to tell each other <3

I play soccer and I haven't found my soccer prince charming yet. I hope this will happen to me soon!

Even if i get married i will still play soccer because soccer is my passion without it im nothing C;

It is exactly what its name says. A makes his selections in a choice of corresponds to in which both sports teams need to make for a football put money to become a safe bet. One is basically looking for both squads to score goals