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Stromboli da Ponta da Pinta, cachorro Serra da Estrela tigrado, 5 meses. O mais recente embaixador da Ponta da Pinta nos EUA.


I want a black Boxer ♡♡♡

Estrela Mountain Dog, Estrela da Quinta da Liria | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Estrela Mountain Dog: Rare Breed. Not AKC Recognized. Contact: Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America, Tracey K. Conner, 102 Cherokee Drive, Shickshinny, PA 18655; 570-256-3976; Email: Contact: Estrela Mountain Dog USA, Michelle Tefft, 10279 Sampson Road, Erie, PA 16509; 814-824-4906;

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Estrela Mountain Dog

Intelligent and watchful, the Estrela Mountain Dog is fiercely loyal to his family.


Estrela Mountain Dog -A large, athletic dog, he is a formidable opponent for any predator. It is calm but fearless and will not hesitate to react to danger. It is loyal, and affectionate to those it knows but wary of those it does not. It needs early socialization to be trustworthy around small pets and other dogs.This is a strong independent-minded breed that will need persistent training and consistent leadership. The Estrela dog is not a "pet" for everyone. Strong ownership is paramount


Estrela mountain (Dog standard) (Estrela Mountain Dog)