Tutorial on how to make a Dalek from Doctor Who costume for a kid

Homemade Doctor Who and Dalek Costumes

How to make a Dalek costume | eHow UK

Hey, I just met you.and this is crazy. But I'm a Dalek, so I'll exterminate you maybe!

How to build your own Dalek (How To Make Dress Ideas)

How to build your own Dalek. Step one: Do not actually insert real Dalek.

How to build a dalek

How to Build a Dalek

in this instructable I'll show you how to build a life size cardboard dalek from the show doctor who. this was a bit experimental so feel free to improvise however.

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How to Make Your Own Amazing Dalek Dress

The Thrift brothers!  Local costuming heros!  I love these guys.  They are top notch and so down to earth.

Steampunk Halloween from the Tardis and Dalek I saw this TARDIS at Dragon*Con! If the Dalek was there I missed him, though (but I saw plenty of girls in Dalek dresses, and TARDIS dresses too)

Cheap and easy kids dalek costume.

Dalek Costumes for under $20 – Geeky Parenting & Thrifty Thinking