This would be lovely framed and put in one of the studio rooms. Great for the minis to be quizzed on also

From the book "Martine, petit rat de l'opéra" by Marcel Marlier & Gilbert Delahaye; or, as I knew it, "Anita no ballet". I remember propping this up on a music stand and doing the positions in my bedroom.

Ballet positions! How many do you know?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class

Free Printable Ballet Positions - Learn to dance at!

3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class

Like Mom and Apple Pie: Little girls bathroom- Free vintage ballerina poster printables

Paul Klee, Dance Position, 1935 on ArtStack #paul-klee #art

Paul Klee Dance Pos - Paul Klee Dance Position 1935 on ArtStack ---

Cool references for actions

Male models completing various actions. Should be quite useful for figure drawing. Focus: the different angles of the body.

Paul Klee - Dance position

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I want to do ballet.

3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class

Ballet pose study (plus one random hand that looked kinda nice so it got stuck up there in the corner) Feel free to use for pose references if you wish, I just did an image search for “ballet poses”.

Why do ppl think the ribbons go all the way up the leg and hanging out????!!!! ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!! I'm a dancer and that's NOT how you tie your ribbons and those are not dancing positions!!! This makes me really really mad!!!>>> calm down...

Ballerina princesses, these are very pretty except for the fact that ballerinas don't tie up pointe shoes like that!

Developpe ballet position... one question... WHY IS HER FOOT NOT POINTED IN THE THIRD PICTURE????????????????

Ballet Dance Moves

Ballet central: This is how to do a devloppe your leg into a side arabesque (is there a reason why at step her foots flexed?