Lily Collins as Alice Thornblaud, Jason's twin sister.

So why don't i look this good with my pale skin? Actress: Lily Collins - love the pale makeup, dark lips and blush framed in by her black hair and coat

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hair and make-up, black eyeliner on upper lids, long lashes, and red lips with dark, wavy hair (Diana Moldovan). IF ONLY I HAD BLUE EYES!

(Open rp. I'm her) I'm experiment 1. I don't really have a name but I'm apparently the first one they took. I don't see many of the other experiments. I'm alone most of the time until they take me and do painful experiments. Today they took me to meet a male that they call 2. I look forward to meeting someone after 16 years of being alone.(credit to @Wolyypuppy )

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That Kind Of Woman

It was strange seeing the girl so completely relaxed. Every wind blew her dark hair across her face, but she let it. She actually let things go without her control. Very peculiar.