Photographer: Artem Vasilenko Model: Laura Shamailov

Photographer: Artem Vasilenko Model: Laura Shamailov Pale skin editorial natural looking model studio shoot black hair on black background

I love hard light. I love the shadows it creates and the colors it brings out. I also love the convenience it affords. I work exclusively with small flash,

Shaping Hard Light from a Small Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Portraits

Function: Modeling- I love this picture because of how the red light subtly sculpts out the upper part of her face

Self-taught photographer Caryn Drexl creates dark portraits of herself and models, her stages thick with metaphor. She flocks toward gothic objects, i...

From the Dark Worlds of Caryn Drexl

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101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

agata-serge #fotografie #photography #portrait

Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz, Poland who currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Agata started photography in she shoots a lot of portrait, black and white… (Beauty People)

Photograph Burn the witches by Valeria  Chorozidi #photography #portrait #dark

The princess gathering more nettles for weaving her brothers' shirts in The Six Swans (credit Valeria Chorozidi Photography)

slow shutter speeds capture hair movement minimal monochrome fashion photography  dark blackandwhite female portrait

The were a colorful and bright period that brought the world exciting music and even more exciting fashion trends. Ladies in the enjoyed a number of colorful, eccentric and rebellious fashion options. Some of the fashion trends have remained.