Daily Schedule for Toddlers....it's hard for me to keep a schedule.

Our daily schedule in preschool

Daily Schedule for Toddlers.it's hard for me to keep a schedule. Needs to be tweaked a bit for our needs but like the general idea

sample daycare schedule....I like the idea of using this as a SAHM to have more of a routine.

Daycare Daily Schedule – view our child care daily schedule for idea's in making your own daycare or preschool daily schedule.

schedule.  must come up with something like this ASAP.  I'm thinking velcro, laminated subjects and activities, and some poster board. We'll see if it turns out.

Visual schedule for classroom. I'm already big on the idea of visual schedules. They help in a myraid of ways and allow for the student to feel more comfortable about the day's tasks.

Daycare sign in/sign out sheet. Easy way to keep track of attendance. Have the parents fill in the time of drop-off and pick-up.

Printable child care forms make starting a home daycare easier. This is a collection of attendance record forms to help you keep track of attendance.