DEBBIE DOWNER VALENTINE Funny Valentine's Day by seasandpeas, $4.25

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Here comes MISERELLA!!! Hurry before she comes and sucks the happiness out of us!....Marie, I think we have a new nickname for someone!

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DEBBIE DOWNER CONGRATULATIONS - Funny Graduation Card - Funny Congrats Card - Rachel Dratch - Original Ilustration

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SNL feline leukemia is the #1 killer in cats. Whomp, whomp!

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Population, me. (T2: It's self esteem day!)

Soap for Debbie Downers

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Oh My Freaking Stars!: Fiddle & Credibility

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Debby Downer Christmas Card

This quote is for those native people out there....nobody likes a Debbie Downer!

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DEBBIE DOWNER MOTHER'S Day - Funny Mother's Day Card - Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer - Original Ilustration on Etsy, $4.25

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