Deja vu pitty

04 - Rock In Rio - Déjà Vu - Pitty
Pitty - Déja Vu - ROCK
Nenhuma doutrina me convence, nenhuma resposta me satisfaz, nem mesmo o tédio me surpreende mais... ♫
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Resultado de imagem para pitty deja vu
pitbull dedicated to my most loved beautiful with an unconditional heart,love and loyalty..whom i miss so dearly..and if god can grant me life and be there when i need him then there is no doubt that he placed her in heaven to wait for me..we walked together for more than ten years rain shine noon evening or late night..damn i miss her so...of all dogs i've had as a young boy not any of them compare to my Deja Vu my red nose deer fawn american pit bull
Pitty Déjá Vu
Cleburne Animal Shelter  Deja Vu is SCHEDULED TO BE EUTHANIZED 7/30/15 @ 4 PM due to SPACE. PLEASE CLICK ON HER PICTURE TO GO TO HER ORIGINAL THEAD TO SEE HER OTHER PICTURES  Deja Vu is a active girl that loves to play with toys
Pitty - Deja Vu
Two Pitties in the City