Delaware hen - excellent disposition, excellent brown egg layer

Delaware Chickens

Delaware chickens are among the fastest growing of the heritage breeds and the hens are good brown egg layers, making them an excellent dual purpose breed.

Developed in America by George Ellis in 1940, the Delaware chicken breed is derived from off-colored sports that occurred in the cross breed of a Barred Plymouth Rock rooster and New Hampshire hen. This cross resulted in a unique black barring on the feathers of the mainly white chicken. For nearly 20 years, the Delaware was the meat bird of choice along the entire East coast until the breed was replaced by the Cornish Rock cross in the mid 1950s. It was accepted into the American Poultry…

Different Types of Chickens So you are thinking about adding another chicken to your flock. There are all kinds of chicken breeds.

Featured Chicken Breed: Delaware.  The Delaware breed of chicken originated in the U.S. state of Delaware. This medium-sized, white bird lays jumbo brown eggs and is known to be a good free-range option.

Featured duck breed: Khaki Campbell Looking for a backyard duck that lays eggs? Consider the Khaki Campbell! This brown bird is known for being one of the best general-purpose ducks and is often considered the best egg-laying duck breed.

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the rooster is nice looking.but Tim is not a fan of roosters.probably our neighbors would not be either :(

delaware hen - endangered breed - unfortunately my girl didn't get any of the black markings

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2016 chicks - Starfire delaware hen - endangered breed - unfortunately my girl didn't get any of the black markings

My next breed of chicken, Delawares.  Aren't they pretty?

source for will morrow's delaware chicks. The chickens that I will have someday!

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A good broiler chicken that is also great cold hardy layer of large brown chicken eggs. Have day-old Delaware Chicks safely shipped directly to you.

Delaware chicken - these chickens are hardy, can be butchered @ 3 months (12 weeks), and the feathers come off easily----were popular in the 1950's.  Cocks grow to 8 lbs, hens to 6 lbs. known for fast feather growth on chicks, excellent dual purpose bird, rapid growth, calm & friendly,large and muscular, good meat and eggs

Heritage Breed Delaware (aka Indian Rivers) Chickens - these chickens are hardy - were popular in the - excellent dual purpose bird - calm & friendly.

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Delaware aka Indian River The Indian River was developed in the in the United States by George Ellis in the state of Delaware.