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Dengeki Daisy More

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dengeki daisy

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Então é assim que passa... vc aprende bem

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Dengeki Daisy Kurosaki my baby! This part was utterly BEAUTIFUL!! I love him!

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Love the Titanic reference. (Dengeki Daisy)

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Will someone please tell me what anime this is?! It looks too adorable for me to not have watched :D

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Read this manga twice already ! One of my favs

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"COVER YOUR BELLY BUTTON!!!!!" XD that and "Go bald, Kurosaki" x3

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Dengeki Daisy - This was an amazing manga. It took me about a year to read it. XD One reason is because I got it from the library and fell in love with it. But they didn't have the last few volumes. But then I found a website that had it... Sooooo... Yeah. Anyway, I will definitely read this again in the near future. ^-^ Dengeki Daisy changed my heart, got me frustrated, made me laugh, even cry... BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!100,000,000,000 out of 10!! XD <3 <3 (This NEEDS an anime!!!)

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