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6 coisas que você deve saber antes de depilar a virilha

Veja dicas de especialistas para fazer depilação com lâmina de barbear e conquistar uma virilha macia e livre de pelos encravados

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Qual é o melhor método de depilação para cada parte do corpo?

Qual é o melhor método de depilação para cada parte do corpo? Cera, lâmina, linha, laser...Fizemos essa lição de casa para você. De nada. #depilacao #beautyhacks #taofeminino -


The 13 Emotional Stages of Getting a Bikini Wax We feel you sister. By Hallie Gould 7. Anger (For longer than expected) Why are we still talking about my tan lines? I can't concentrate on this discussion while I'm getting hair pulled out of my body. Tune in tomorrow 8. Sheer Dread (It's happening): Click here for the photo series: #13emotionalstagesofbikiniwax Read more at:

1 . THE NAKED TRUTH, WOMEN ARE FORGETTING ABOUT SKIN IMPERFECTIONS AND TOSSING THEIR STOCKINGS ASIDE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NUDE LEGS There is always a little suffering on that rocky runway toward beauty. Just ask anyone who has plucked eyebrows, waxed the bikini line, wobbled on platform heels, stifled the sneezes brought on by faux fur trim or endured the scalpel,

Necklace handmade in mosaic technique in waxed thread. Colors in line for a modern and chic look. Exclusive piece. Made in Brasil. Créditos da foto: Fotos Chico Maurente, Modelo Jéssica Martinhago, Makeup Bruna Dubinski, Produção Nell Roveda e Thais Miqui, Biquinis Carolina Rebelo e colar BlueMary.

No shave November is coming up! 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments for $99!! Choose from one of the following areas: underarms, bikini line, lip or chin. Take the time during the winter months to get ready for the summer months! #laserhairremoval #medica


11 Emergency Fixes For Shaving & Waxing Your Bikini Line

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We are very excited to announce our newest line of products into Cutie Pie Wax Bar, Merben Dry Brushes! There is a ton of research on the b

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9 shaving hacks for better results

Some of us may have invested in laser hair removal or might book ourselves in for a regular wax - but most of us probably still opt for the good old razor when it comes to making our legs, underarms and bikini line silky smooth. Follow these hacks to make your shaving routine quicker and easier.

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You Can Now Get Bevel, The Anti-Razor Bump Razor, Without A Subscription

Even though it's for men's facial hair, I tried it on my bikini line to see if it worked and could be a good investment for women who prefer shaving over waxing.