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6 coisas que você deve saber antes de depilar a virilha

Veja dicas de especialistas para fazer depilação com lâmina de barbear e conquistar uma virilha macia e livre de pelos encravados

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Qual é o melhor método de depilação para cada parte do corpo?

Qual é o melhor método de depilação para cada parte do corpo? Cera, lâmina, linha, laser...Fizemos essa lição de casa para você. De nada. #depilacao #beautyhacks #taofeminino -

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Swift has such wistful charm and tunefulness that only a curmudgeon could dismiss her, and in fact, more than 60,000 fans lined up to grab this CD the first month of release.

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Necklace handmade in mosaic technique in waxed thread. Colors in line for a modern and chic look. Exclusive piece. Made in Brasil. Créditos da foto: Fotos Chico Maurente, Modelo Jéssica Martinhago, Makeup Bruna Dubinski, Produção Nell Roveda e Thais Miqui, Biquinis Carolina Rebelo e colar BlueMary.

No shave November is coming up! 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments for $99!! Choose from one of the following areas: underarms, bikini line, lip or chin. Take the time during the winter months to get ready for the summer months! #laserhairremoval #medica

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The benefits of waxing are worthwhile and long-lasting! Come in today for your first wax and receive a free Lip or Bikini Line wax! #eyebrows #waxing #legwaxing #brazilian #bikini #bikinilike #deepbikini #facials #skincare #eyebrowwaxing #beauty

Louis Marcel Hair Remover Cream - Face & Bikini Line - 75...

Perfect bikini lines no razor bumps #waxing or shaving. Get #LaserHairRemoval in #Dumfries #freeconsultation

Everything You Need To Know About Ingrown Hairs

Real talk: ingrown hairs hurt. Typically, the painful follicles are reserved for summertime talk because bikinis put them on display. But it's important to note that ingrowns, which are hair follicles trapped by dead skin, can happen year-round. Anything from your shaving routine to those cute leggings could be to blame for the impossible-to-ignore bumps. So, what can you do about them? Here's everything you need to know to get your bikini line under control.

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Removing pesky ingrown hairs from the bikini area | Waxing the Twigs & Berries