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Amoras Voadoras: Depilação Cavada (para os homens entenderem um pouco sobre o que é....)

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Depilação Completa! Meia Perna + Virilha Cavada + Axila + Buço... DE: R$ 67,00 POR: R$ 17,90

6 sessões de Depilação a Laser: Masculino (barba ou pescoço) OU Feminino (virilha cavada sem íntima OU axila), no Instituto de Laser. Ganhe um Vale Presente! (Em até 12x no Cartão) #depilacao

Marco Montanari ~ A few years ago, I began a journey to awaken a deeper meaning to my art. Feeling a lack of a true connection with my heart, my soul, I put aside my painting while I went on my quest to open this doorway through to my art. It led to some foreboding moments ... will I, can I ever realize such a connection and express it in my art? Determined to stay with it, I dug deeper into myself and had this amazing transformation out of this uncertainty.


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de Atlas Obscura

Soap on a Bone: How Corpse Wax Forms

From 1786 to 1787 the graves in Paris' Cemetery of Innocents (Cimetière des Saints-Innocents) were dug up to move the bones to the abandoned mines beneath the City of Lights, what would become the famous Paris Catacombs. Fourcroy and Thouret, French scientists who supervised the exhumation and studied the decomposing bodies, found a waxy gray substance covering some of the children's remains. They called it adipocere, from the Latin adeps (fat) and cere (wax).


So you're all dug out from the snow and back to biz as usual. Time to get the ride cleaned and remove all of the dangerous road salt and chemicals. 4107954755 #DoubleDsDetailing #SnowyDayDetail #Blizzard2016 #WetLook #CadillacEscaladeESV #Washed #Waxed #polished by doubledsdetailing

How cool is this mug? There are a few other things I really like on this etsy site