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Cajun Baked Okra is the perfect side dish for any meal! Packed with Cajun seasonings, crispy, and easy to make. Healthy alternative to fried okra! Weight Watchers friendly (4 SmartPoints).


Note to self ... Bahaha I'm just sitting at home, mucking around with edit apps + this happened after a little inspiration of seeing this on Google. BUT this is such a cool little image and reminder say no to JUNK food. ... (P.s. I'll probably delete this image after I realise how ridiculous it looks ) #justsaying #sundaysilliness


“At Riverford we have always championed using fresh, seasonal ingredients and cooking from scratch as it brings so many benefits. Whether it’s podding broad beans, peeling carrots, making homemade burgers. preparing food as a family is a great no-pressure way of spending time together and instilling the importance of good food and basic cookery skills in our children. This is great initiative, so we are delighted to be working with Organix on the No Junk Challenge.”


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Born Day Season: Day 22 – Healthy Guidelines to Jumpstart My Fitness Goals

Stop eating junk food !


“The No Junk Challenge has certainly made me look at what's in the food I eat. I don't know why food labels have to be so complicated! In my No Junk week I've had a few nasty surprises, come across lots of ingredients I didn't recognise and now have a resolve to try harder to feed my family healthy meals. Cooking meals from scratch isn't that difficult. It doesn't have to involve complicated recipes and long ingredient lists; just simple, fresh food that is better for you.”


“Keeping children on a healthy, balanced diet is a priority for most parents, but mixed messages from the food industry mean it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what’s healthy and what’s not. This challenge from Organix takes things right back to basics, and it will be interesting to see how parents get feeding the family without including any kind of junk." Carrie Longton, Editor of Mumsnet

“What an essential campaign! We all want our offspring to be healthy, but childhood obesity is a fast growing concern in the UK and the main problem that we face is misleading labels. Until now, mums have had to take full responsibility for decoding confusing and ambiguous packaging to feed their little ones. The No Junk campaign encourages the next generation to eat conscientiously while putting pressure on the government and the food industry to tackle the problems that we face.”


HA! :love the saying... the girl in the pic hasn't a butt...but, we get the point


#NoJunk Recipe from River Cottage - this simple but delicious sultana bun is a perfect snack to pop in your little one's lunchbox.