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Many Insured Children Lack Essential Health Care, Study Finds

A new report criticizes an often confusing and expensive system that creates barriers to receiving care, even as a record number of young people now have insurance.

Knee-high suede slouch boots were made for walking These are SO comfortable. I'm almost sad to sell them but my minimalist challenge is making this a necessity. I actually MOVED in there. I hauled things! I have also worn them during travel, walking miles and miles with 0 frowns. They are lovely. I have a black pair too. That's how much I love them. You will like these on jeans and or with dresses. They are slouchy so don't expect them to stay up all the time. These are perfect for fall and…

What Is The Ten Toes Down Challenge? What is the Ten Toes Down Challenge? The challenge dares people to deliver a freestyle over the Ten Toes Down instrumental by Bubba Got Beatz. In the past few months we've experienced some of the most entertaining social media challenges of all time. From the Dub Challenge to the 1 Finger Selfie Challenge there's never dull moment on social media! Similar to the So Gone Challenge there have been some unforgettable videos submitted about some of life's…

Posada faces tough Hall challenge

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7 Toddler Meal / Baby Finger Food Ideas

When my babies started eating solids, my cooking life became a little bit more challenging… And now that they are eating three times a day, plus snacks, it is hard to think of a variety of food everyday! As a stay at home mom of twins, I feel like a day consists of constant meal …Continue Reading


Yoga-Inspired Artwork Shows You Yoga In A Creative Light

This was sent in to us by Sejz Inn, a 21-year old artist who was inspired to bring yoga to her art after finishing a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge. She took images of yoga poses like Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose) and Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) and mixed them in creatively with everyday ordinary things. We thought they …


It's official! Chuck from the Bronx accepted our beef tripe challenge! After seeing him eat the weirdest things on his YouTube channel, we decided he should do one exclusively for our show. He starts off with a full pound of beef tripe, but will he make it? Watch the full video.