Artemis by Tsuyoshi Nagano

Artemis this is what she could have looked like. This picture is correct beacuse she is the goddess of the wild hunt. Also beacuse she has the moon in the back groung.

Wonder Woman (2017)  Costumes

Wonder Woman I waited my whole life for this. Wonderful film, great action sequences, an amazing, fully rounded portrayal of Diana!

Jana, the Roman Goddess of Secrets, Mysteries, and Hidden Things.  She is the Consort of Janus, the God of Time, and she is often associated with the Goddess Diana.  Like Diana, Jana is connected with the moon and with femininity.

Fashion photographer Rio Surya Prasetia shares with us exclusively one of his latest stories, Boundless as the Dark features the outstanding designs by Tex Saverio whose gown Lady Gaga chose to wear for her Harper's Bazaar shoot.

Diana the Huntress by Guillaume Seignac

Um autor, duas obras: Guillaume Seignac

Artemis/Diana - virgin goddess of the wild. She was the daughter of Zeus and the Titaness Leto. Diana the Huntress (Guillaume Seignac)


Diana the Huntress Guillaume Seignac DIANA Noun. [Latin, the Roman moon goddess and patr.

Wonder Woman in the blue dress. She looks like a goddess.

Is There a 'Wonder Woman' End Credits Scene?: Photo The new superhero movie Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is hitting theaters in just a few hours and fans will be wondering if they should stay in…

"An Morrígan is a goddess of battle and sovereignty, sometimes appearing in the form of raven or wolf. She is a triple goddess, a fierce aspect of the Great Mother, often serving as a guide to those moving through difficult transition. One who is protected by 'the Morrigan' is certain of victory." ~ Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Mah, Persian Goddess of Planet Moon. On full Moons she shines and is most powerful. There is a Mystic and Mysterious Aura that surrounds Mah.

Aradia... italian goddess of love and peace... her familiar is the wolf Or Aradia, queen of witches. Daughter of Lucifer god of light and Diana goddess of the moon.

He Is My Protective And Possesive Alpha Mate - chapter 8

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DIANA Artist JOSEPHINE WALL 1000 piece NEW Fairy Fantasy Art Print Jigsaw Puzzle

Diana Diana is the ancient lady of the beasts, and as the mistress of wild things, she is responsible for anything young and vulnerable. She is also the Goddess of the moon as symbolised by the crescent moon diadem she wears in her hair.

Resultado de imagem para костюм для полных женщин

Resultado de imagem para костюм для полных женщин