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If you were previously in a relationship that didn’t end well. Do not give up hope. There is a special someone for everyone in the world. Time after time you hear people say they give up on relationships. They say they are tired of the same issues with every new person they meet. How about... <a href="" class="more-link">Read more &raquo;</a>

Peacock feather - tattoo idea i want it to say I'm a peacock you got to let me fly


This is my phone background! Only the true LOST fans, who have gotten far enough know what it means. I'm a die hard fan, what can I say?


Turning Lymph Nodes Into Liver-Growing Factories discovered how to turn any one of the body’s 500 lymph nodes—the small, oval-shaped organs where immune cells gather to fight invading pathogens—into an incubator that can grow an entirely new liver.

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Conversinha Sobre o Fim...



As we know, she tapped into some really dark stuff at the end of last season to do that dessication spell, and to do the last few spells that she did, Plec says. And she taps even deeper into it in the first episode. As it always does, its going to have consequences.


“Nunca mais vou escrever um disco sobre fim de namoro”, diz Adele

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Galeria de Arte e Arquitetura: Mikkel Frost de CEBRA - 10

Arte e Arquitetura: Mikkel Frost de CEBRA,© Mikkel Frost

Keep overindulgence from ruining your special day- how to control how much guests can consume. Good thing to think about so nobody ruins your wedding!