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When life gets hard, bow in prayer; God will meet you where you're at and take over for you. It may seem hopeless or like there just is no way, but with God there is always a way! We have a merciful God that is bigger than us and our problems!

All of life’s losses break us, break through us, scar us. I want them not to. Frankly, there are days I’d like to hide my scars and the jagged edges of my brokenness, days when I wish there were no marks to bear. But if losses don’t leave their mark — how can we say we were ever marked or shaped by love? Scars are signs that show the way we loved. -Ann Voskamp


Lisa gets it. She’s felt it. She’s lived it. As a widow and single mom of 7, she knows the unmatched power of the words “I love you.” She shares with us today how those 3 words that have sustained her can bring the healing you are looking for. So, pour yourself a cup of […]

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3 Truths While You Wait - FREE Devotional

First: I GET IT. The waiting hurts – physically and emotionally.  Waiting is hard, on your marriage, your friendships, and your family. It seems like it will never end and  it makes you feel alone. My dear, you are NOT alone. You are the farthest from alone you could ever be. In fact, look around you. Your church pew, your office, your school, your family and friends are all waiting too. There’s a woman waiting for a test results behind you at church. A man is waiting to here back from his…

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How You Can Bless a Single Mom and Her Children

Single moms need the love of their surrounding community in ways we may not fully understand. Here are some wonderful ways to bless a single mom you know! via /Club31Women/

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Tattoos: A Modern Woman's Guide to Getting Inked

Tattoos: A Modern Woman's Guide to Getting Inked|The Holy Mess

de Young Wife's Guide

5 Marks of a Biblical Wife

If you are a wife, then God has called you to a wonderful position.


It’s easy to get discouraged when we read the description of the Proverbs 31 woman, but we shouldn’t view it as an impossible ideal that we can never live up to. Join Nancy as she encourages you, whether single or married, young or old, to be the excellent woman God created you to be.

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