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Diáspora Significado

DIÁSPORA United in the Latin Beat “Clave... To us the word goes beyond explanations and definitions. It means life, salsa, the food of our leisure time, the motion of intense rhythm, the emotion of 20,000 people simultaneously grooving to the natural sounds of life. It’s being played in beat, on key, on clave... It means to be on top of things, to be playing it right... Clave is history, it’s culture.


Origen y significado de la palabra diáspora.


El presidente de Armenia Serge Sarkisian rindió homenaje la semana pasada a los esfuerzos de la diáspora por sus fondos de ayuda a Armenia y Nagorno-Karabaj y remarcó que los programas de desarrollo realizados por la diáspora ha significado más de USD235 millones en los últimos 20 años.

Did you know there were Jewish communities in Uganda? Yes, they are the ORIGINAL jews. Read Revelation 2:9.


In the old jewish quarter of Seville is the hotel Casas de la Juderia. It is made up from six or seven houses each with their own small courtyard garden. The Moorish influence can be seen in all the gardens. The houses have always been linked by underground passages that run through the basements of each house; and provided a means of escape during the days of persecution.


✨Shekinah✨ Greetings children. Today is a celebration of immense creativity in process.. the divine mother in each of you!! Each and everyone of you is in the process of birthing the new world.. the new that is you. You are profoundly creative and if you look back, you have been doing this unconsciously since you came into this world as babes. Think about this, what happened to the little baby bodies that you once dwelled in, how did you come to be in the one that is now?


Dwennimmen, the ram's horns, Adinkra symbol of humility coupled with strength. A ram will fight fiercely against an adversary, but submits humbly to slaughter. Emphasizing that even the strong must be humble.