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Décimo e Décimo primeiro Doutor juntos em tela de bloqueio de celular

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29 segredos que as pessoas que realmente amam comida não te contam

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Seoulmates Profile: Everything You Need to Know About Lee Jong Suk

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#throwback almost 2 years agao I built this set for a pilot which was a bizarre gothic dark comedy. Pretty much a mixture of Welcome to Nightvale Tales from the Crypt and Doctor Who. It was mostly a one man show starring me as the theatrical and mysterious host. We shot 1 and a half episodes before I decided it wasn't good enough to put online. #diy #set #setlife #cinema #cinematography #filmmaking #film #movie #moviemaking #steampunk #cosplay #gothic #canon #camera #doctorwho…

Class | The Lost - Promotional still - April

A investors journey to embracing marijuana legalization Im a venture capitalist and a medical cannabis user. The first time I tried medical cannabis I had just tried to triggera chronic condition that causes severe intestinal pain when I eat. I was trying to force my doctor to prescribe painkillers for me. That night Id eaten an entire pizza to induce enough pain to get me on drugs. I wound up trying medical marijuana instead and it changed my perspective on the drug. Growing up I never…