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Systolic and Diastolic Dysfunction

A-Fib: The New Epidemic in Cardiovascular Disease; Your unbiased, independent source for Atrial Fibrillation information and statistics backed up with full research citations and sources. Sponsored by Steve S. Ryan, PhD, publisher of Atrial Fibrillation: Resources for Patients, #afib

Consumo de Ovos, Risco de Doença Cardiovascular e Diabetes!!! :-)

Circulation: aumentam as evidências de uma associação entre periodontite e doença cardiovascular

NSAIDS and cardiovascular disease = a big no no


Cardiovascular Disease | Risk | Framingham Heart Study

Sympathetic Nervous System Overactivity and Its Role in the Development of Cardiovascular Disease | Physiological Reviews

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City of San Francisco

Welcome to the McDevitt Lab at the Gladstone Institutes! Since stem cells are promising for a number of applications, our lab focuses on the development of technology platforms to advance therapies that span multiple diseases including cardiovascular, orthopedic and neurological disorders.

Vascular Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome Exploring the Role of Inflammation in Arterial Disease