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Katya was one of the saving graces of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7.

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Adore Delano. Totally love the colors here! Más

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CREATIVE DRAG QUEENS - Some focus on looking glamorous or like a woman and then some are just awesome. This picture is of Raja.

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There is no explanation to her beauty, she just is!

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RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 8 Finale: Violet Chachki passing on her crown to Bob the Drag Queen

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RuPaul. That song she made is so catchy Mais

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Tem gente que se especializa em desenhar mulheres. Chad Sell optou por desenhar mulheres com um quê a mais: as Drag Queens. Existe um programa muito divertido chamado RuPaul´s Drag Race (tem no Netflix!). Um reality show comandado pela Drag Queen mais famosa dos EUA, onde várias candidatas lutam com dentes e unhas postiças (...)

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Sharon Needles, The first win on Drag Race I agreed with. She's a wicked force and extremely amazing. LOVE her!

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Lasky, rainha Mais

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