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Dragon Ball Gt Pan

Dragon Ball GT. Pan, Trunks, and an unfortunately-turned-back-into-a-child-because-the-writers-didn't-give-af Goku.

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Los personajes principales de Dragon Ball GT diseñados por Akira Toriyama.

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Dragon Ball GT =Pan v.3= by on @DeviantArt

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10 Animes Que Todo Otaku Já Foi Viciado Ou Ainda Vai Se Viciar #DragonBallZ - Visit now for 3D Dragon Ball Z shirts now on sale

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Goten and Trunks

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Goku, Pan, Trunks, Uub, and Baby Vegeta. I kno this is gt but I find these characters cool. Might make a gt board

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PAN - Dragon Ball GT

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Vegeta, trunks, bra

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Dragon Ball GT =Pan v.7= by Krizeii on DeviantArt

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Go Dbz Or Go Home

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