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Easy Implant

Tutorial Trança Hippie

Tem penteado que combine mais com o verão do que trança? Acho que não, né? Na minha opinião, uma trança leve e despretensiosa fica lindo e é a cara da estação! E para inspirar vocês a mudarem um pouco o cabelo do dia a dia sem maiores dificuldades, escolhi um tutorial da minha musa capilar…


Glide Floss Threader 30 Pieces (Pack of 6) by Oral B.

Audiogram - Shows the different frequencies that correspond to different sounds and ADLs

Get your dental implants by the experts in Toronto. We are located in Toronto and we are here to provide you with easy to care, pain free implants that last long.


Is a ‘human barcode’ on the way?

Sai daqui, padrão!


We restore your smile, see our smile gallery showing teeth before and after veneers. We also do CEREC & composite restorations, porcelain crowns & bridges etc.


Exercises to Get Rid of Under Eye Hollows

With time and gravity, your eyes appear less youthful and vibrant. Crow's feet form, dark circles develop, eyelids droop and under eye hollows appear. You can opt for invasive orbital rim implants or purchase a number of costly products claiming to reduce these issues. Facial exercises, however, offer a free and easy method to achieve similar...


Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Ear ache, Bad breath, bad taste, swollen glands, pain and or swelling around wisdom teeth.


•Deaf and hard of hearing people are not disabled – on the contrary the Deaf community views itself as a linguistic and cultural minority. Deaf people do not view themselves as impaired, but equal to hearing people. •The Deaf community has its own culture, history, language, and mores. •Deaf people are proud of being deaf. •The cochlear implant is not a miracle fix and does not work for all deaf people, nor do all deaf people want one.


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