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Refraction. weird Physics.... Light travels slower in water than in air




Reteaching & Reassessing: Giving kids a second chance to learn

Are you an elementary education teacher looking for reteaching strategies and reteaching ideas in the classroom? Download this freebie and lesson plan idea to give assessments after you have taught the standard! A great assessment idea and assessment for learning!

Awesome resource for Math activities. I would love to use the number bonds game idea in a center for improving Math facts.

¿Quiénes son ellos? - hoja del alumno + hoja del profesor con respuestas [2 páginas] | Gratuito ELE worksheets

Tower of London Infographic

Tower of London Infographic


Dynamic Physical Education for Elementar (Mixed media product)

Educação Física,Meios Mistos,Dynamic Physical,Media Product

How to Make a Waterwheel (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational)

How to Make a Waterwheel

This fun song and video from explains what motion is, what friction is, and how to measure motion. Have fun learning or teaching your K2 students with this fun musical lesson on motion.

What They're Teaching. A run-down of the different teaching philosophies.