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One of the oldest and rarest coins in the world… A Lydo-Milesian electrum stater from Ephesus (?) struck sometime between 630 and 600 BC. It shows a spotted stag grazing with a retrograde inscription that translates to “I am the badge (or seal) of Phanes”.


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Electrum Hekte from Mytilene, Lesbos, c. 375-326 BC This is the finest of only 4 known examples of this coin. It shows a female head facing right, her hair bound up with ribbons and on the reverse is a Panathenaic amphora with a pointed lid, a...

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Scythian warriors, drawn after figures on an electrum cup from the Kul-Oba kurgan burial near Kerch, Crimea. The warrior on the right strings his bow, bracing it behind his knee; note the typical pointed hood, long jacket with fur or fleece trimming at the edges, decorated trousers, and short boots tied at the ankle. Scythians apparently wore their hair long and loose, and all adult men apparently bearded. The gorytos appears clearly on the left hip of the bare-headed spearman.

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Egyptian Beaded Cuff Bracelet Period: Late Middle Kingdom–Second Intermediate Period Dynasty: Dynasty 12, late-17 Date: ca. 1850–1550 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, MMA Cemetery 800, Tomb MMA 840, pit in portico, MMA 1912–1913 Medium: Silver rich in gold (electrum), carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise


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