Waterproof protection for casts, bandages and prosthetics. Prevent bacteria with our protective cast shields while in your bath or shower.

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There are few things more frustrating, for both parent and child, than the trauma and recovery from a broken arm or leg. Even if it isn’t summer, curtailing water sports and activities, there is never a convenient season of the year. Showers and baths can’t be put on hold. There is a range of commercial products for waterproofing casts...

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shaken together: {try this} itchy cast relief

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Cool arm cast. Spider-Man. Sharpie decorated. Broken arm. Decorated cast.

How to bling an arm cast: 3 alternating layers of Modge Podge and glitter. Top with 4+ coats of Aleene's spray acrylic sealer to keep the glitter in place. It all dries very quickly.

Don't let a broken arm hold you back. Attach your phone to your cast with #Sugru + #Lego!

decorating arm cast ideas - Google Search

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So my 4 year old broke his arm, and instead of using a bread bag I with help from my cousin came up with this brilliant idea to use Playtex gloves pull it up over the cast,tape shut and you get a water proof, hard to get holes in cover that they still can easily play in the water with.

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How to put your hair in a ponytail using just one arm/hand. Wish I had found this years ago! Perfect for those of us with partial use or an amputated arm/hand, localized paralysis, or stroke survivors. Also a good resource for those with temporary restrictions of use like post-surgery recuperation or people with casts on broken bones. [This pin description was written by Libbi Diane Flynn]

It’s also a great inspiration for those who want to spruce up a cast, but aren’t great at painting or drawing—with a few cool stencils, you too could make something this eye catching. Description from en.vdoobv.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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