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Elfen Lied Manga

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Love between time (Elfen Lied)

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Você conhece meu nome, mas não conhece minha história

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While the entire Elfen Lied Series is something so violent and dark, it is the childhood of Lucy, particularly the scene with the puppy that seemed to really push her over the edge, and showed the evil side of humanity in ways so many people think impossible using the anime format.

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Elfen Lied

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Elfen Lied Lucy and the Music Box I had the music box but it stopped working ;__; <3 LOVE THIS ANIME

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Here's a nice Nyuu/Lucy fan art. ^.^ -- Elfen Lied

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Elfen Lied Fan Club

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#Elfen Lied

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"EVERYONE CAN DIE!" The girl screamed.. and everyone... did.

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