Victorious - Jade West Oh how such a young beautiful good looking gothic girl has my attention on her from Victorious. LOVE TO BE LIKE JADE WEST OR ELIZABETH GILLIES. YOU ROCK JADE WEST.

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I have to admit, Jade was an original influence for the first incarnation of Tandie.

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Elizabeth Gillies, possible look for Sylvie Peterson

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Elizabeth Gillies

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(Open rp Kayla. preferably a mean guy. She can easily be taken advantage of) I run a hand through my hair and walk around. 'Please no one notice me' I think to myself "Hey who are you?" I hear someone say. I bite my lip "K-Kayla..." I answer

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Elizabeth Gillies

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Facts About Stars. - #49- Elizabeth Gillies - Page 1 - Wattpad

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Can't pretend I'm not in love with her Ai ai ai Liz Gillies

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Elizabeth-Gillies-HD-Wallpapers Mais

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Elizabeth Gillies Mais

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