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I can't wait to use my planner! Great way to use all my stickers and extra scrapbooking things :)


My mid-week spread! Sticker sources tagged <3 #erincondrenlifeplanner #planneraddict #eclp


Prepping to go back to LA this week... finally! This is my midweek spread and color scheme for this week. P.S. I decided to start a new Instagram account just for planner and stationary pics. I was flooding my main account with these and I think it's specific enough to warrant it's own account! I'll still be posting them every now and then on my main account but make sure to follow this one if you are into this stuff! _______________ #glamplanner #prettyplanner #ECLP


Last ring pic for now but I just can't. stop. staring. The boy did GOOD!!!!

Elle Fowler's Planner Spread

I'm back ladies! Last week (and the week before) I didn't really keep up with my planner (bad Elle) but this week I'm back! This is my mid-week spread, which I am loving so much. Sticker sources tagged! P.S. Leave your planner video requests below, I'm shooting some this week!