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(fig 3-13) HEAD OF SENUSRET III - Twelfth Dynasty, c. 1836-1818. BCE. Expresses the hardship and fragility of human existance. The statue seems to capture a monarch preoccupied and emotionally drained from the sight of the sagging cheeks, his sunken eyes, and his tense forehead. He was an all around king, very successful king, he lead four military expeditions into Nubia and regained control over the country. (yellow quarzite) (pg 62) LS edited by cwc


Hercules and the Hydra | Heróis e traidores da pátria

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Viridiana (1961)

Viridiana (1961) / HU DVD 5159 /


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Etheric cord cutting with Archangel Michael Ceremony

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5 Rules for Terminating Employees #alohahr #humanresources #lasvegas

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30 imagens marcantes que valem mais que 1000 palavras

30 imagens marcantes que valem mais que 1000 palavras | Tá Bonito


The Rangers

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