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Energia Mecanica Fisica


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Light is composed of photons so we could ask if the photon has mass. The answer is then definitely "no": The photon is a massless particle. According to theory it has energy and momentum but no mass and this is confirmed by experiment to within strict limits. Even before it was known that light is composed of photons it was known that light carries momentum and will exert a pressure on a surface.

Tesla quantum mechanics - To create and to annihilate material substances, causing them to aggregate in forms according to his desire, would be the Supreme manifestation of the Power of man's mind, his most complete triumph over the physical world Nikola Tesla

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Summaries of Spacetime, Relativity, and Quantum Theories for beginning and advanced visitors, with Links to the Best Websites on Space,Time, Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Physics, Dark Matter and Energy, plus a discussion of the possibility that we live in an essentially atemporal universe.

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Brian Cox: The (Five) Greatest Scientific Theories

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"The longing to behold harmony is the source of the inexhaustible patience and perseverance with which Planck has devoted himself to the most general problems of our science. The state of mind which enables a man to do work of this kind is akin to that of the religious worshipper or the lover; the daily effort comes from no deliberate intention or program, but straight from the heart." ~ Albert Einstein

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Sir Isaac Newton's handwritten notes about momentous discovery of laws of motion and gravity now available online

Sir Isaac Newton Laws | Sir Isaac Newtons handwritten notes about momentous discovery of laws ...

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Entender a Física Quântica

A física quântica (também chamada de teoria quântica ou mecânica quântica) é um ramo da física que permite uma descrição do comportamento e interação da matéria e da energia à escala das partículas subatômicas, fótons e certos materiais a t...

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Quantum mechanical tunneling in chemical physics…<3k<3

Neils Bohr on Quantum physics reality