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Bolo de Rolinhos de Banana Light

Receita de Bolo de Rolinhos de Banana Light


How do you like to unwind after a long day? #trueandco


Stumptown Coffee Roasters | New York


Só nós dois, só os dois, só á dois . : Eu quero nós. Mais nós. Grudados. Enrolados. Amarrados. Jogados no tapete da sala. Nós que não atam nem desatam. Eu quero pouco e quero mais. Quero você. Quero eu. Quero domingos de manhã. Quero cama desarrumada, lençol, café e travesseiro. Quero seu beijo. Quero seu cheiro. — Caio Fernando Abreu __________________________________________________________ Deus


cortado at Kaffe 1668 / photo by Alice Gao Love the look of this wood =D


Guys how long does it take for you wounds to mend? I think I'm good now lol just bored.🤓😎🤘 #poem #poe #poemoftheday #poemofthedaytomorrow #writer #writersofinstagram #poet #poetoftheday #featuremypoem #readme #writeroftheday #hurt #void #blackhole #depresion #happy #copacetic #shithappens #apathyno #hurt #mondayblues #music #musicmonday #tagme #midnightthoughts #morning #coffee #starbucks #winterbreak #holiday

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Woman's Arm May Be Amputated After Injury At Standing Rock Protests

Woman's Arm May Be Amputated After Horrific Injury At Standing Rock Protests. Wilansky was one of at least 300 people injured Sunday night and early Monday morning, Medic & Healer Council coordinator Michael Knudsen told HuffPost. He said 26 people went to the emergency room with “blunt trauma and open wounds,” mostly from rubber bullets being fired at close range or tear gas canisters that law enforcement shot from cannons, he said.| The Huffington Post

Good morning, hunny bunny! via @verysweeny . . :honey_pot: Honey benefits? > Clean wounds > Anti-inflammatory effect > Antibacterial > Speed up healing process > No scaring Experience yourself a premium quality skin care at affordable price! . :two_heart (scheduled via

Poison. To be applied night and morning | The Quack Doctor