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Different games to help aid in learning different types of factoring as well as more advanced polynomial factoring options.


Math website that teaches, algebra, trig...

Long Division...made easier! This is incredible. It even makes more sense when trying to explain WHY long division works the way it does.

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Word Education Games - World Math Day - World Literacy Day - World Science Day - Register here!

Looks like a decent resource for child development and health issues.

Long Division Worksheets. Easy to follow directions in long division lessons

de Teachers Pay Teachers

Exit Ticket - BUNDLE POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONS (28 Exit Tickets)

This bundle includes a total of 28 Exit Tickets . Each of the tickets is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The Exit Tickets are: * Exit Ticket - Classifying Polynomials & End Behavior * Exit Ticket - End Behavior & Analyzing Polynomial Functions * Exit Ticket - Polynomial Functions - The Factor Theorem * Exit Ticket - Polynomial Functions - Synthetic Division * Exit Ticket - Polynomial Functions - Long Division

H. G. Wells is one of the most influential science fiction writers in history. In this Nature Video, we present five surprising facts about the man behind War of the Worlds . This is part of a science fiction special report on . See the rest of the report here .

A great site for math games for kids of all ages.