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>[J- Cult] Kimono o vestuário tradicional japonês

juni-hitoe kimono | Reprodução moderna de um jûni-hitoe , usado na Era Heian (794-1185 ...


Awesome statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo (First Shogun of Japan in the Kamakura Era) at Genjiyama Park in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. This place is great for a picnic, but the falcons sometimes get a little touchy... . . #exploretocreate #theglobewanderer #welivetoexplore #agameoftones #moodygrams #discoverearth #earthpix #stayandwander #ourplanetdaily #welivetoexplore #awesomeglobe #natgeo #tripadvisor #artofvisuals #allaboutadventures #traveltoearth #explore #adventure #epic #awesome…

1930's Japanese Postcard "50th Anniversary of Imperial Rescript to Soldiers and Sailors" Art about Soldiers' Duties quoted from Japanese Historical Episodes / "Reigi" ( courtesy ) / Art & episode of Hojo Yasutoki - Japan War Art 北条泰時 kamakura era / vintage antique old art card / Japanese history historic paper material Japan samurai


Then and Now — Common Mistakes in Japanese Historical Clothing | Reconstructing History


Kamigamo shrine archery feast. Kamakura-era costume "suikan" & Muromachi-era costume "suou".

Night Attack on the Sanjō Palace, from the Illustrated Scrolls of the Events of the Heiji Era (Heiji monogatori emaki) (detail) Japanese, Kamakura Period, second half of the thirteenth century


Natsu-Noushi (夏直衣). heian-era men's summer costume.

Court lady of the Heian Period (794-1185) , Japan. Textiles during this period of Japan were often brocade ones heavily influenced by China (and in some cases the cloth itself was directly imported from that country) . Scan from book “The History of Women’s Costume in Japan.” Scanned by Lumikettu of Flickr. Japanese costume many centuries ago…recreation accomplished in Kyoto during the 1930’s


A large and fine Satsuma vase by Yabu Meizan, Meiji era (late 19th century)


Yabusame (Horseback archery) Shinto ritual of Japan. Kamakura era costume.