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Na Aruanda-- lyrics and recording. learn it already....

Lipitipi- Atividades e Projetos Fundamental I: Atividades Sistema Solar Escrita Espontânea e Produção Textual


Siblings Sharing a Bedroom

Suggestions and Decor Ideas for Siblings that Share a Bedroom-- GREAT POST!

23 Products All Nap-Lovers Will Want Immediately

A plush lounge chair with build-in speakers for your snoozing soundtrack.


10 Proverbs to Teach to the Kids

Proverbs has a lot of great verses - some talking about subjects kids have no idea are talked about in God's Word. Here are 10 good "kid" proverbs.


[07.04.13] diy "black dry-erase board"

Pools are great summer fun! But drowning is a real risk. Know how to keep your kids safe with these 9 safety tips.


craft for 2nd grade and up. could laminate final product. could cut 1inch strips ahead of time. would take about 30 min. would need to gather gift bag donations from church ahead of time.


5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation

5 Money Lessons Kids Can Learn on Vacation...sorry no good pic. great lessons though


Draw Mater from Cars

How to Draw Mater from Cars -- via