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Triops, camarão girino ou camarão escudo

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Rainbow leaf beetle - found throughout Eurasia

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My triops Cancriformis eating earthworms - YouTube

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Hmm, think this may have been the inspiration for H.R. Giger's creature in the "Alien" films.

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Triops Newberryi

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Triops en una charca de la estepa

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Dono just hatched 20 of these! They're amazing. Triassic Dinosaur Triops.

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.Triops longicaudatus is found in freshwater ponds and pools, often in places where few higher forms of life can exist. Like its relative Triops cancriformis, the longtail tadpole shrimp is considered a living fossil because its basic prehistoric morphology has changed little in the last 70 million years, exactly matching their ancient fossils. Triops longicaudatus is one of the oldest animal species still in existence.

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