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Esquilo Da Mongolia

Hamster popsicle stick house

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Cute hamster swing out if Popsicle sticks! They love it

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Scamp the daredevil Gerbil who leaps in the unknown.. but when evening comes, he prefers to snuggle with friends.

#Pygmy #Jerboas are the smallest rodents in the world. They are nocturnal and tend to be found in hot desert climates.

Tibetan woman living in a farmer village high in the Himalaya made friends with local Marmots offering them food

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The long-eared jerboa is thought to have one of the largest ear to body ratios of any mammal: their ears are two-thirds the size of their body which is the equivalent of a human adult having ears over a metre long!

A China e Suas Maravilhosas Cores!