Estação McMurdo

A pista da estação McMurdo, na Antártida, é apenas uma faixa de gelo, sujeita às variações climáticas do continente

Era mais uma sombria e solitária noite na Estação McMurdo, na Antártida, quando um cientista americano, que conduz uma pesquisa no continente, decidiu criar uma conta no aplicativo Tinder, “só por diversão” >> Leia

It's on the list--to work in McMurdo for a season. Apparently Raytheon is transitioning out of this role this spring, and Lockheed Martin will be taking over.

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Dispatches from Antarctica: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Jabs, Culinary Manager at McMurdo Station - YouTube

“His mind reached out to the men around him, resting briefly on each, one by one. The stain of sin was small weight on his conscience, compared with these. Ross, McMurdo, Kincaid, Kent, McClure… he paused to give brief thanks that his wife and the...

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Antarctic Nacreous 2 - Same location and time just a wider view point. Nacreous Clouds have a short season in Antarctica so you grab photos when you can. This was out the back door of my work center at McMurdo Station.

GLENVILLE - Two LC-130s and air crews with the New York Air National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing departed Tuesday for McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The flights will support the 29th season of Operation Deep Freeze, the logistical support that the military provides to the National Science Foundation-managed U.S. Antarctic research program.

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I have returned to McMurdo Station, Antarctica for a fifth season in the carpenter shop, or carp shop, as it is known here. My season started late August and goes till February. The weather is below zero, but will get up to a very comfortable 38 degrees in Dec. and Jan. There are over a thousand people working and living here supporting the United States National Science Foundation program. Lockheed-Martin is the new contractor this year for McMurdo.

In early March 2015, the 109th Airlift Wing, the New York Air National Guard LC-130 Ski-Herk unit at Stratton ANGB in Scotia, concluded its twenty-seventh season supporting the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Program as part of Operation Deep Freeze. Airmen from the 109th AW flew 241 missions, delivering more than 3,000 passengers and 2,250 tons of cargo and fuel to Antarctic research stations during the deployment, which began in October 2014. This season also saw the successful…

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