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Coentro, dill, estragão e sálvia realçam o sabor; saiba como usá

Coentro, dill, estragão e sálvia realçam o sabor; saiba como usá-los - Últimas Notícias - UOL Comidas e Bebidas


Taí um #clubedeassinaturas que eu super recomendo: @bistroboxbr 🎁🍽 Esse mês vieram essas delicinhas: 🍚 Arroz Basmati da linha Premium da @camilbrasil. Que é um arroz aromático muito utilizado na culinária indiana e paquistanesa. Tem um sabor levemente adocicado, textura macia e fica soltinho. Hummmm eu sou viciada em arroz e já estou pensando num prato super saboroso. 🍝 Herbal - Pizza & Pasta da @temperosmagic. De origem americana, o chef Paul Prudhomme passou o seu segredo para o mundo…


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup - Creamy without a lot of cream! Cremini mushrooms, chicken stock, shallots, butter, tarragon, and cream. On


French tarragon is the delicately flavored herb that has made tarragon chicken salad a staple of ladies’ luncheons. Unlike the seed-grown tarragons that can be rather tasteless, French tarragon must be grown from cuttings and purchased as a plant. In hot climates give this plant some shade. French tarragon spreads to make a mass of stems and works well in containers where it will not trail, but spill over the edge of a pot. Containers help keep the foliage dry, too, which really helps in…

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Dill Pickle Seasoning

Dill Pickle recipes /createdbydiane/


Tom's Blackened Seasoning | "This is far better than any seasoning I've purchased for blackening. Great on fish, chicken, and shrimp. I've even used it on roasted veggies. Excellent flavor without too much heat. Keeps well also."

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Montreal Steak Seasoning

HOMEMADE MONTREAL STEAK SPICE aka CANADIAN STEAK SEASONING aka CANADIAN STEAK SPICE ~~~ the original recipe of this popular spice blend was based on the pickling dry-rub mix used in preparing montreal smoked meat and was first derived from pickling mixes used in e. europe and/or romanian-jewish cuisine. the primary ingredients include garlic, coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper flakes, dill seed, and salt. [Canada, Montreal] [montreal steak seasoning copycat recipe] [foodista]


Homemade Greek Seasoning: 1.5Tsp Oregano, 1Tsp Mint, 1Tsp Thyme, 1/2Tsp Basil, 1/2Tsp Marjoram, 1/2Tsp Minced Onion, 1/4Tsp Minced Garlic. Mix all ingredients in small bowl. Transfer Seasoning Mix to Airtight container or Spice Jar.

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Purslane 101

Purslane 101 | Serious Eats


Tarragon Leaf, (Artemisia dracunculus) C/S Properties and Uses: Diuretic, einmenagogue, hypnotic, stomachic. In Popular use tarragon serves to relieve digestive problems and catarrhal difficulties, as a diuretic to stimulate the action of the kidneys, and as an emmenagogue to promote the onset of menstruation. The tea stimulates the appetite, especially when it has been lost because of illness. Taking the tea before going to bed helps to overcome insomnia.