They grow up so fast! I will love him forever

The Evolution of Ethan Dolan. His eyebrows and hair are really the only things that change in this picture.

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Crown Prince Anthony David Mascio of Italy - Age 19 {FC: Ethan Dolan}

Omg the Dolan twins, there only 16, thank God for these beautiful masterpieces!

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{Grayson and Ethan Dolan} hey I'm Ethan and this is Grayson! We're both and single. Jaceys our sister but she won't admit it *laughs* intro?

If you can tell them apart at this age your are a true fan. I'm a true fan. Are you?

if you read this book, you are officially my baby love ♡♡♡ {highest ranking- in fanfiction}

Image result for ethan dolan age

Image result for ethan dolan age

I thought Grayson was older!!

I thought Grayson was older! just because Grayson is taller and bolder it doesnt mean that . i'm so nieve!