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Etnocentrismo Cultural

Portal do Professor - O que é o etnocentrismo e quais são suas origens?

de Papo de Homem

Nosso etnocentrismo e o suicídio coletivo dos Guarani-Kaiowás

Criança guarani-kaiowá, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil.


The beautiful and brave women of FEMEN.


Never thought of it that way

This are points of view... not anthropology! ;)


de BuzzFeed

This Is How They're Selling Mobile Phones In Russia

Looking at this ad, I think my head just exploded! Translation (according to Copyranter): "Let’s make international relations stronger." ... WRONG! What they meant to say was: "lets make international relations worse by using some incredibly racist native caricatures straight out of the 1940s doing something completely sexist like jizzing in their pants (sorry, grass skirts) over a bikini clad white woman. International relations at their finest...