Eugène Atget, Pont des Belles Fontaines, Juvisy-sur-Orge, France, c.1903

The obsessive eye of Eugène Atget: Master photographer’s images of “Old Paris” still resonate - Imaging Resource

eugene atget  Dolce Dreams

Paris, 1900 - Restaurant, Rue Des Blancs Manteaux by Atget, Eugene - Wall Art Giclee Print or Canvas

Eugène Atget, Rue des Ursins, 1900

Eugène Atget – photographer extraordinaire

Old City, Paris. EUGENE ATGET.

janeander: “ EUGENE ATGET: His project, Old Paris begun around 1897 and ending in the focused on the disappearance of the century’s architectural dream realm as the city was swept by modernization schemes. He was later greatly appreciated by.