Excalibur. My legend started on a Tuesday or was it a Wednesday no no it was definitely a Tuesday. Though Friday's are awfully nice... LOL

What weapon are you? (Soul Eater)

excalibur face - Google Search

excalibur face - Google Search

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If this post gets 100 notes by March my friend and I will draw Excalibur on every whiteboard at my school for April Fools Day.

My legend begins in the 12th century, I begin every morning with a cup of coffee.i continue the day with afternoon tea.I begin my nights by changing into pajamas! DO YOU KNOW OF MY HAT? THE LONGER THE TOP HAT THE BETTER! THE LARGER THE CHEF HAT THE BETTER THE CHEF, YOU FOOL, WHO SAID I WAS A CHEF!!!.....you wanna fight.

Excalibur in a Nutshell

When someone talks about Excalibur (only for the people who have watched Soul Eater)

Fairy: did you meet Excalibur Soul and kid make that face. Fairy: im guessing they did

Soul eater Excalibur :-p love it!!! @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Brown Paullus Armstrong Dcclxxvii

FOOL - Soul Eater The most annoying character ever created in the history of all anime

Excalibur, Soul Eater, #anime, #cosplay This would be awesome to go as for halloween.

Excalibur, Soul Eater, This would be awesome to go as for halloween. <<and you could walk around shouting "FOOL" at everybody

Don’t you think these guys would be friends? ^^ Same fashion sense, I mean…

I'd rather die ones a megalomaniac interdimensionaldemonic dorrito and the other is the most annoying thing since Justin biber