It's cruel, it's blind, it's patient and kind. It's a losing game, it's an open door, it's a battlefield, it's its own reward. But there are some truths about love that have escaped the attention of songwriters and literary masters. So this Valentine's Day, we present some lesser-known facts to help you celebrate.

11 Facts About Love

I've said for the past 10 years that there is no past tense of love, either you still do or never did. I stand by my word.

I've said for the past 10 years that there is no past tense of love, either you still do or never did. - Tap on the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

psychology facts about love

psychology facts about love. Usually its common thing .ppl become frnds n ten fall in love etc etc. Bt fr me s lik big size cockroach whr my caterpillar ll always turn into a beautiful butterfly. R lives may b filled wt colours.

FR I help my friend cuz she thinks he don't like her and he rly does then I can't see it when someone likes me and then they tell me and I'm like what

I can smell flirting from half a mile away when it's happening with someone else but when it comes to me I am as clueless as Thor in 21 century's Midgard. I usually has to depend on my bestie for pointing such things out about me.

Morning have a good day babe and remember I love you xxx he's never coming to see me you know his word means nothing , I know I've told you all this before but it's the truth and we're just said here wasting time , time that we could be happy I'm telling you I've had enough now and I just want to be were you are I miss you xxxii

Facts-About-Sleeping-Next-To-Someone-You-Love Makes You Fall Asleep Faster, Reduces Depression, And Helps You Live Longer

Every day you believe that you are less than desirable you are missing out on your life. Step into your beauty. Claim your feminine power. Be sexy.

You are sexier than you think

I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die I will be wild difficult to fin and impossible to forget Erin Van Vuren