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The Indian Fantail is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding.

indian fantail pigeon | the almonds are awesome too

fantail genetics - I´m about to buy a pair of indian fantails, the breeder offered me 2 obtions and I can´t decide which one to pick.

Black Fantail

The Indian fantails are also known as garden doves. They have fur on their toes wh.

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fantail doves

Indian fantail pigeons are found in many colors. Usually white doves are common among them.

Indian Fantail Pigeon: Magnificent!

The Indian Fantail pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon. The Indian Fantail doves originated in India. These birds are well known for there.

Fantail Pigeon Care

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English Fantail pigeons

The Indian fantail doves are also known as homing doves. People usually keep these pigeons because they make the beauty of their home.